tuna burgers

19 Jan

It’s funny how some days you are honestly just too hungry to prepare your dinner then wait for ONE WHOLE HOUR to eat it.

That’s what happened to us last night. The plan was to make these delicious sounding Chicken and Mushroom Pies from the Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook that the boyfriend bought me a while back as a sweet “just because.” However, that recipe takes entirely too long for significantly hungry people who don’t have patience.

So instead we had Lemon Garlic Tuna Burgers.

It’s a big deal that I actually followed the recipe and mixed this will my hands.

I don’t like to get dirty. Like I really, really dislike being sticky or dirty. I’ll have to keep that picture forever as proof that I can live through a little mess!

This recipe is really easy, too. It was fast and delicious. The boyfriend even had two burgers! Plus he’s taking the third of four total for lunch today. I packed up his lunch and wrote him a little note on a napkin like my mom used to do for me… because I’m just adorable!

Above is the masterpiece Lemon Garlic Tuna Burger!





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